Sindome Status

Is the server down or is it just grid interference?

ALL SYSTEMS GO! No known issues to report at this time.

Infrastructure Migration Update Our emergency migration continues with almost all features working again. The Grid is back to normal. Thank you for your patience while we recovered, GAME ON!

Redirected here? If you don't know how you got here, you were probably sent here because our website was restarting. Click here to go back, if it sends you right back here, we must be down!


Applications Status

Each service shown here (and more not shown) are checked every minute for a valid response. The status reports shown here are sadly only updated hourly.

MOO (the game)

Uptime Report for MOO: Last 30 days

Main Website

Uptime Report for Main Website: Last 30 days

Web Client

Uptime Report for Web Client: Last 30 days


Uptime Report for SINDO.ME: Last 30 days